Running a Command with Command Line Arguments

So I have this simple bit of code:
$application = "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe"
$command_string = " assign --api-token XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX --alias %Computername%-%username% --group $SiteInitials --reassign"
& $application $command_string
I have been confused with how to use command line arguments - I am just not clear on it. How do I run the command with the specified arguments?
Thanks in advance!

Check below documentation

Thank you - based on the following from that article, I see:

Start-Process -FilePath $env:comspec -ArgumentList “/c dir `”%systemdrive%\program files`""

Would this be the solution?

$application = “C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe”
$command_string = " assign --api-token XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX --alias %Computername%-%username% --group $SiteInitials --reassign"
Start-Process -FilePath $application -ArgumentList $command_string

I ask only because it does not appear to work when I run it here.

Arguments are an string array, so it can be formatted like this:

$command_string = "assign",
                  "--api-token XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX",
                  "--alias %Computername%-%username%",
                  "--group $SiteInitials",

Oops - I found it - I needed to run this as Administrator. Once I did that it all works as expected.

Thank you guys for your help. You guys rock! Especially as a sanity check!