RUNAS /Netonly

New PS user trying to get to grips with it and am now forcing myself to not use the GUI to configure my servers unless I have too…
I figure I’ll learn more quicker that route…

However I do need to do some tasks via MMC for now, but as I’m not a member of the domains I manage (MSP) my laptop needs to use an network runas to elevate and then launch MMC as the domain user…
And for fun I thought I’d try to PS that process!
This works, but only if I do it line by line into the window, if I run it as a script it doesn’t pause to wait for the password input, but runas /netonly is actually a CMD rather than a PS

$domainuser= Read-Host -Prompt ‘Enter domain user in the format Domain\Username’
$fqdn= Read-Host -Prompt ‘Enter Management Target FQDN’
runas /netonly /user:$domainuser “mmc /server=$fqdn"

So does anyone know how to take creds and then launch mmc as a remote domain user? Any advice would be awesome!

I’m not currently at a machine with PS so can’t test.
But you could use something like

Start-Process mmc -ComputerName $FQDN -Credential $DomainUser