Return Codes to automation engine

Good day all,

I am migrating all of my install scripts to PowerShell for our migration to Workspace One/Airwatch. In my mind, the answer should be the same regardless of the management platform. I have built in error codes into my script based on what failed. In the past I have used:

exit $lastexitcode #or

exit 1

A developer friend said I should use:

$host.SetShouldExit(0) #where 0 is the number you want to return

Poking around I found (scripting - How to get SCCM to recognize return codes from Powershell script completion? - Server Fault)

Instead of mindlessly stealing code I would like to understand why I should use what I am using.

$Host.SetShouldExit() and [System.Environment]::Exit(), kind of looks like they are doing the same thing.
Not sure if they use the same call or not but you can probably find that out on MSDN.

Using Exit seem to only produce a 0 if you Exit 0, and 1 for any non-zero values.
At least if you check the %errorlevel% or $LASTEXITCODE variable afterwards.

So from a sense that you want to use more than 0 or 1 as exit code then it makes sense to use one of the others.
Read somewhere that $Host.SetShouldExit() can be unpredictable, haven’t test it myself that much so I can’t really say.