Restart Printer Spooler after a specific error in event viewer

Hi and thank you in advance for looking.

We have an issue with a system we are unable to replicate, which happens maybe once every 6 months or year but if it happened on a weekend when no staff are in the impact is very big.

As we can’t replicate the issue I want to setup a script to restart the printer spooler service on a specific message in event viewer.

It needs to trigger from specific text in the ‘General’ tab as the event ID is 1 but that id is not specific to this issue and would end up the printer spooler restarting a lot unnecessarily.

Please can someone advise what command I can use to restart a service based on specific text please in the ‘general’ tab.

I know how to create a task based on an every and how to restart services etc but can’t find on the internet this specific command i’d need

I trust you have tried configuring the service Recovery for ALL categories including “Subsequent Failures” to “Restart the Service” ?

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