Restart Computer -email using powershell

I would like to restart the server using powershell and also want to know whether or not the reboot was successful.

I have created the powershell script:

Restart-Computer -ComputerName Qyhz –Force  -ErrorVariable status

if ($status.fullyqualifiederrorid -like "*Failed*")


Write-Log -Message 'server restart failed.' -Path c:\temp\test.log




Write-Log -Message 'server restart succeeded.' -Path c:\temp\test.log


send -mailmessage -from -To -subject test -attachment 'c:\Temp|test.log' -smtp server ""

Can any one suggest me how to send a status email?

In this case, Try/Catch/Finally may work for you. In your Restart-Computer command, instead of the -ErrorVariable parameter, use -ErrorAction Stop to catch the error and email it.


You will only know if the reboot is successful, after the machine restarts. This script would not be in play on a reboot, so there is nothing to get from it.

You need a scheduled task to fire on startup and send the email. No real reason to write to or read a log file.