Reset virtual machine with powershell


I been trying to find a powershell script which can reset a virtual machine on a Horizon view server.
I can find scripts and examples, which disconnects and logoff users, but i cant find a reset command.

Can anyone help me?

Wouldn’t something simple like the below do the job?

Get-VM -Name “Some VM” | Restart-VM


Mr G

(blockquote)Horizon view server(/blockquote)

I believe that means you are using VMware to host the Virtual Machines and so you are using PowerCLI to get that done?

If so, the command for a machine with VMTools installed is Shutdown-VMGuest, if you do not have VMTools installed you have to use Stop-VM which will just power it off.
Another gotcha here is that these two cmdlets take different input objects.

Let me know if that helps at all or if I ventured down the wrong path.