Replace special characters on Column P in CSV file

Hi Team

I’m new to PS and hoping someone could help me out …

We have 5-10 CSV files that arrives to a certain location each day . All files will have this special character issues so updating all files in this folder will work. In column “P” we have vehicles with special characters such as
Honda - Civic
Honda (Civic)

Is there a script that I could use to run to remove the special characters and replace it with a space ? Replace update will only happen in Column “P” .

No new file is needed to be created after the update… updating the current file is fine.

any help is muchly appreciated.

Thanks all.

Welcome to the forums.

I doubt that there would be an already written script fitting your requuirements perfectly. But your tasks seems to be fairly easy.
What do you have so far? Please show your code. I’m sure we can make it do what you need. :wink:
If you don’t have nothing yet you might start with reading the help for Import-CSV


and maybe about_replace

And BTW: What charachters do you actually consider as special? :thinking: