Replace , case insensitive

Hi All

I have this , (get-content C:\Settings.xml).Replace(“REAL-DB1-QA\DB1”, “REAL-DB1-QA”) | set-content “C:\Settings.xml” .
how can I make it ignore the case sensitive so both REAL-DB1-QA\DB1 & REaL-Db1-QA\DB1 , will be replaced ?

(get-content C:\Settings.xml).ToUpper().Replace("REAL-DB1-QA\DB1", "REAL-DB1-QA") | set-content "C:\Settings.xml"

Thanks Sam
worked great .

No need to uppercase all characters, ‘-replace’ is not case-sensitive.

(get-content C:\Settings.xml) -replace 'REAL-DB1-QA\\DB1','REAL-DB1-QA' | 
set-content 'C:\Settings.xml'

I changed it to \ because I got errors on escape characters , but it didn’t help with the case sensitive issue (only after adding .ToUpper() it was working ) . maybe I will give it another try .