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I am trying to delete user profiles older than 28 days. I have googled and read everything that I can find but I still am having problems with my script. The scrip below deletes all profiles that are found when what I really must have is only those older than 28 days deleted.
Yes, you are correct GPO is the cleanest way to handle this task, however, my management does not want to use a GPO solution. I am in no position to argue. Here is my code if someone could please tell me where my mistake is.

#The list of accounts, which profiles must not be deleted
$date = $(Get-Date).ToString("dd.MM.yyyy")
$ExcludedUsers ='NETZWERKDIENST','LOKALER DIENST','SYSTEM','Administrator','DefaultUser','Public','PIN-RESET', 'defaultuser0','service_bmcdiscover'
$LocalProfiles=Get-WMIObject -class Win32_UserProfile | Where {(!$_.Special) -and (!$_.Loaded) -and $_.CreationTime -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-28)}

if (($LocalProfile -eq $null)) 
    Write-host $LocalProfile.LocalPath -ForegroundColor Magenta
    #output file erstellen nur wenn die benoetig sind
    Write-Output "" > "$output"
    Write-Output "" > "$output0"
    foreach ($LocalProfile in $LocalProfiles)
        $LocalProfile.LocalPath  >> "$output0"
        if (!($ExcludedUsers -like $LocalProfile.LocalPath.Replace("C:\Users\","")))
        Write-host $LocalProfile.LocalPath
        $Text = "Profile zum Loeschen"
        $Text >> "$output"
	    $LocalProfile.LocalPath  >> "$output"

        $LocalProfile | Remove-WmiObject
        $Text = "$LocalProfile profile deleted"
	    $Text >> "$output"

        Write-host $LocalProfile.LocalPath, "profile deleted” -ForegroundColor Magenta


}  else {

        Write-Output "" > "$output1"
        $Test1 = "Kein Profile zum Loeschen"
        $Test1 >> "$output1"
        Write-host  "Kein Profile zum Loeschen” -ForegroundColor Magenta


But it sounds like you are the expert in that department. If they’d be the experts they could do it themselfs. :wink:

What is your actual issue?

Have you read this blog post about this topic?

Something you may read anyway to improve your style and code quality:

Thanks again for replying to my post. My issue is that it deletes all users and not just ones older than 28 days. I think it has something to do with converting the date received with the creation time.
Yes, I have read the blog below but I will review it once again. Thank you

Is it about the creation time or the LastUseTime?

You should not use Get-WmiObject anymore as this is deprecated. Instead use Get-CimInstance. This will make using dates easier.

I think LastUseTime would be a better option.