remove blank spaces

How could you remove blank spaces from a directory of txt files but have each file save speratley. the code snip it I have combines all the txt files into 1

heres what I have so far

@(gc (dir) -match '\S'  | out-file c:\FileWithNoEmptyLines.txt

Hey there H Man, does this help? It’ll copy the text files, remove the spaces from the copies, and copy them back to the original dir. Might be a little dirty, but it works.

$Files = Get-ChildItem -Path C:\scripts\Spaces -File *.txt
ForEach[$File in $Files]{Copy-Item $File.FullName -Destination C:\scripts\Spaces\Changed 
                            Rename-Item $File.FullName [$File.Name -replace " ",""]
                            Copy-Item -Path C:\scripts\Spaces\Changed\*.txt -Destination C:\scripts\Spaces

Hey WIll thanks for the response

I was looking to remove the spaces with in each message itself not the name

but thanks that’s still pretty cool how u did that

heres the code to remove the blanks internally in the file

@(gc c:\FileWithEmptyLines.txt) -match '\S'  | out-file c:\FileWithNoEmptyLines

i need to save each indiviual file after the spaces are removed not as 1 whole file

i solved it

ForEach($File in $Files){
$Directory = 'C:\Testing\E\'
$path = $File.FullName 
$name = $
$extension = $file.extension

@(gc  $path) -match '\S'  | out-file "$($Directory)$($name)$($Extension)"