Remoting from another domain

Hello Guys,

I am working on setting up powershell remoting between two domains.

At my workplace we have a management domain that we connect to in order to manage all our IT resources that we host for our customers. (There is no thrust between the management domain and the other domains)

I have set up remoting from this domain to another domain and it works perfect for most tasks, but for example exchange management isn’t working properly.
(i am currently using a wildcard certificate, that’s why i have the $option variable with SkipCNCheck, and it does not seem like wsman accepts wildcard certs when the hostname in a subdomain?)

When i try to run get-mailbox for a user i get this error.

I have authenticated with the same user account as i am using when i normally connect directly to the server with RDP to perform the same tasks.
Is this maybe CredSSP issue? I have read around on some posts and also checked in the “Secrets of Powershell remoting” ebook but i cannot seem to find an example that relates my example.
What i have found only related to servers that are in the same domain.

My main goal here is actually to install Exchange CU upgrades via a remote powershell script, i get the same error when i start the Exchange setup.exe via PSremoting as i get with the get-mailbox cmdlet.

Any advise it greatly appreciated

Some commands are better written than others when it comes to Remoting. However, also make sure that you’ve enabled multiple-hop delegation. When you run an Exchange command, for example, it has to connect to the Exchange server, and if your credential can’t be delegated across that connection, the command will fail.