Reinitialize Winform Form or Reload Form

So with this new found downtime I am adding a GUI to one of my modules to make it more user friendly. I have created a form and it is opened using the ShowDialog() method. Inside this form I have a panel I use to open other forms within the main form using the Show() method. When I am done with one of these forms I want to close the form. However if I want to reopen the form I get “Cannot access a disposed object”. My work around for that is instead of closing the form I just hide it. For most of the forms this works fine, however I have one form which is like a WMI query builder. It’s highly dynamic and needs to be cleared before each use. I have done a lot of web searches and I keep getting just clear the fields. I could do that, but that seems like a lot of wasted code. There has to be a way to reload the form in PS. In C# I would just reinitialize the form, but I am not sure how to do that with PS.

I have tried Update(), Refresh() and adding the logic for the form to a function and just called the function, but I still get the “Cannot access a disposed object” when I try to reopen it using the function.

Is there a way to simply reload the form or reinitialize the form in PS?