Regular Expression: Hidden characters in string


Im having an issue with a regular expression im trying to figure out.

I need to get the last word at the end of an output from a cmd line tool, which I have made a PowerShell wrapper for.

Since I need to check if the output is “Enabled”, “Disabled”, “True”, “False”, “0” or “1”, I need to only get the last line/word from that output.

I am able to retrieve it using the following code:

        $Request = & $AppPath -r $iDRACIp.IPAddressToString -u $Credential.GetNetworkCredential().UserName -p $Credential.GetNetworkCredential().Password "\""$Command\""" --nocertwarn
    # Get command output value

    $Output = Select-String -InputObject $Request -Pattern "[^=]+$"

    $Results = $Output.Matches.Value

    Return $Results</pre>
If I get the value "Disabled", the string length should be 8, but through testing it comes back as 10. Simply put, there are two hidden characters that I cant get rid of. Im not an expert in regular expressions, so any help is appreciate it.
Thanks in advance