Register-ScheduledJob with Parameters

I have been using the following:-
Register-ScheduledJob -Name $jobName -FilePath $filePath -Trigger $trigger -ScheduledJobOption $joboption -credential $cred

And now I need to do similar but the script I reference in $filepath now requires 2 parameters, do I need to use a Script blocl to pass the parameters in or is there another way? - Would it be possible to see an example of how to get this working with 2 parameters?


I think that’s what the -ArgumentList parameter is for:

-ArgumentList <Object[]>
Specifies values for the parameters of the script that is specified by the FilePath parameter or for the command that is specified by the ScriptBlock parameter.

    Required?                    false
    Position?                    named
    Default value                None
    Accept pipeline input?       false
    Accept wildcard characters?  false