RegEx is making me tense

Objective: remove (notes) from filenames e.g., Cassidy (Series) - Notebook.html

Best effort:

$TargetPath = 'C:\Users\flana\TC_temp'

Get-ChildItem $TargetPath *.html | 

    Foreach {
        rename-item $_.Fullname $_.Fullname.Replace('\(.*\) ', '')

Result: runs with no errors but files are not renamed. What in the world am I doing wrong?

So you have a filename such as 'Cassidy (Series) - Notebook.html

and you’re trying to make it like 'Cassidy (Series) - book.html?

The Replace() method of object type String doesn’t support regex replacement. You could do this:

Rename-Item $_.FullName ($_.FullName -replace '\(.*\) ')
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No, @anagy, I want to remove the parens and all text within them, e.g., "Cassidy - Notebook.html

@matt-bloomfield I surely must have read that but could not get it right. Thanks a BUNCH, it is what I needed. (Here comes a stealth hug!)