RebootNodeIfNeeded=False, and a reboot is required, partial configs dont finish

Hi all, I’ve submitted a bug on Connect ( I probably should have checked here to see if anyone else is experiencing it before submitting.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a 2 partial configurations. The first configuration should contain a resource that requests a reboot.

  2. Define the partial configurations a meta MOF and deploy to a computer

When you run Update-DscConfiguration against that computer, the DSC engine will stop configuring after the first partial configuration with a warning saying the computer needs to be rebooted. The DSC engine does NOT continue with the second partial configuration until a reboot is performed or a force consistency check.

Invoke-CimMethod -ComputerName MyComputer -Name PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks -Namespace root/Microsoft/Windows/DesiredStateConfiguration -Arguments @{Flags=[Uint32]2} -ClassName MSFT_DscLocalConfigurationManager

Expected Results

If I configure a meta mof with a normal configuration… (See example A), as per the MS document, the DSC engine runs ResourceA to ResourceD. This is the expected result.

Meta MOF example (A)

Normal Configuration

ResourceA - (Declares reboot required)

However, if I configure a meta mof with a partial configuration… (See example B), the DSC engine runs ResourceA to ResourceB then stops. The configuration is NOT completed.

The expected result should be the DSC engine runs ResourceA to ResourceD if RebootNodeIfNeeded is set to False.

Meta MOF example (B)

Partial Configuration 1

ResourceA - (Declares reboot required)

Partial Configuration 2


I suspect that logging this as a bug on Connect is the right thing to do. I know composite configs have a few oddities - like an inability to unwind DependsOn - and this may be related. I was able to duplicate what you’ve done, although I’d not previously tried it.

Hi all,
I also got this issue and found this thread. Does anybody know when this bug will be fixed?