Reboot after LCM configuration?

Hi All,

I’m in the really early days with DSC.

I’ve setup my Pull Server etc and it all works.

Except it seems that after configuring the LCM on a load of machines I get this in the Event Viewer:

“Job {5841829D-D7C2-413D-A4C6-2CA8636C6E47} :
Registering the task with task scheduler after rebooting the machine”

Then nothing is actually configured until after a reboot… !?

The config I’m using is only doing really simple stuff like writing a file to the drive… so unsure why a reboot would be needed?!

So… you’re talking about a couple of things.

Configuring the LCM is one thing. I’ve not usually seen that trigger a reboot.

Sending a DSC configuration to the LCM is another thing, and obviously can trigger a reboot depending on what’s happening. It’s up to each resource whether or not a reboot gets triggered.

So which of these are you doing that’s triggering the reboot?

Good question.

Its pull config, so I guess its just the configuration of the LCM!?

This is the final command that seems to generate the above message; Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager

So that would indeed be your configuration of the LCM. I’m not certain why it’s needing a reboot, unless the node had some underlying dependency missing or turned off, which itself required a reboot. I’ve not personally seen this happen. We’ll see if someone else pops in with a different experience.

Peter, are you using WMF 5.0 RTM or older version of DSC?

That’s a v4 pull server thing if I remember right. If you go into task scheduler there are two dsc jobs, one of which says something to the effect of “register after reboot” or something. It seemed to be registered fine without a reboot, so I always assumed that was a bogus message. v5 got away from the scheduled tasks I believe.