Quick way to start powershell ?

Hi Jason Helmick or who else is listening (reading) :slight_smile:

I saw your getting started with powershell Jump start and have 3 questions.

  1. Is there a quick way to open powershell? Being someone who loves win+r and only “cmd” its a lot mere to type powershell :slight_smile: I’m thinking win+r and type “pws” eg.
    I’m also a fan of using the system as its build, so its the same on all systems, so something with creating a shortcut or something isn’t what I’m looking for :smiley:
  2. Is it possible to change the startup path, when running as administrator? I have changed the “Start in”, in the shortcut, but that only seams to work when running none-admin mode
  3. A way to make powershell always start as admin could be nice to, I can see someone properly is going to mention something with security, so it’s only when not running a script, but when starting the powershell shell

Regards Lars Mortensen

Put the PowerShell icon on your taskbar - immediate access to PowerShell & ISE as elevated or unelevated

use your powershell profile to change the path you want powershell to open in

You don’t want to always run PowerShell as admin - use the taskbar as mentioned above and you get the choice

I just don’t find it “Fast” to open powershell that way, and I have to use the mouse, or pressing several keys to use the keyborad. Win+r and pws and maybe pwsa for admin elevated is :slight_smile:
Thanks, Powershell profile works like a charm.
Yes I would :slight_smile: I love to live dangerously :slight_smile:

Regards Lars

With a shortcut to PowerShell on your taskbar, it is even faster. Just hit the win key and the number of the position of the PowerShell icon. Example, on the taskbar the WinKey + the number 1 will launch what ever program or shortcut is at position one. On my computer I have the 3rd icon as PowerShell and the 4th icon as the ISE. 2 keystrokes and I have a session open and ready to go. Profiles do the rest :wink:

Yes I would :slight_smile: I love to live dangerously :slight_smile:

To misquote

There are old admins and there are bold admins but there are very, very few old bold admins

Things like PowerShell defaulting to non-elevated were put there for a reason. To protect you. It may seem faster to always run PowerShell elevated but when you catch a mistake because PowerShell wasn’t elevated it makes you realise why the safety net is there

The speed of opening PowerShell is really unimportant in the scheme of things. Why not just open at the start of the day and leave it open

Find the shortcut you normally use to launch PowerShell, go to properties, and set a shortcut key. I use Ctrl+Alt+P.