Putty Session using PowerShell

Hi Mates,

I have around 60 chassis and I want to automate the below steps and get the output from all the chassis to a single file (text/csv) on my local computer using PowerShell. Is it possible ? If yes, how can I start with?

  1. Login to Chassis using Putty.
  2. Run the command to get information.
  3. Copy the output to local file.
  4. Log off from Putty Session.


I would use Plink to automate “if” you want to go down that route. Other options could be PowerShell itself - meaning you would use PowerShell to remote into the target machines and then use say WMI to retrieve system/hardware information.



I agree with Jason regarding Plink due to the fact that you said Chassis… and I assume you mean either Cisco, HP, Dell, or IBM Chassis and not a Windows machine where WMI would work. Which is it, btw? I know you can do some neat stuff with Powershell and other utilities with the HP Onboard Administrators… but i’m not familiar with others yet.


Thanks Jason and Brian

@Brian, I have Hitachi chassis not a windows machine. btw, how can we proceed with HP. I will try to relate and see what comes up.


I’m not at work right now, but it’s literally commands made just for HP. There are some ILO cmdlets you can install. It will not work for Hitachi. I know Hitachi has some powershell cmdlets, but i’m not sure they apply to their chassis. We were looking at the HNAS and they work with that, but that’s my only knowledge of Hitachi


I saw download link of cmdlets for Hitachi Servers. Will check and update here.


take a look to Posh-SSH, I use it for my Linux/Windows interoperation tasks