Push Excel add-on througt powershell script

Good afternoon everybody,

We are using the Intune portal to push multiple application to our laptop/desktop devices in the company.
We succesful installed the application Exsion, Exsion is a add-on in Microsoft Excel.
Hower we still need to do some manual actions after the installation, we have to go in Excel to File => Options => Excel Add-in => We need to search in C:\Program File\Exsion after a file and open it.

I guess this is also possible to do this with another powershell commands, someone have expertise in this?

Thank you very much!

This sounds more like a configuration management problem than specifically a Powershell problem. Office tends to leverage the registry for most settings including add-on. Powershell can certainly manipulate the registry.

# Modify the registry with
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