Pulling user groups from a list of users

File example(csv)

mike johnson
steve clarke
henry smith

Code so far:

Import-Csv C:\Users.csv | 
        Get-AdUser -Filter "displayname -eq '$($_.username)'" -Properties memberof
    } |
    Select-Object samaccountname, name, @{n='memberof';e={$_.memberof -join ';'}} |
    Export-Csv -Path C:\UserPermiss.csv -NoTypeInformation

This pulls back the correct info, but I want just the group name, not the whole CN=, OU= etc…


The simplest way to get that is just to use regex to pull the values out:

Import-Csv -Path 'C:\Users.csv' | 
    Select-Object -ExpandProperty Username |
    Get-ADUser -Properties memberof |
    Select-Object -Property samaccountname, name, @{
        Name = 'memberof'
        Expression = {
            @($_.memberof) -match "(?<=CN\=)(.+)(?=,OU\=)" -join ';'
    } | Export-Csv -Path C:\UserPermiss.csv -NoTypeInformation

In short, that goes through the array outputting everything that appears between “CN=” and “,OU=” in each string, then joins it with ‘;’ characters. Feel free to add spaces there or change that for another character or whatever you wanna do.

This is one of those interesting things where the -match operator operates on arrays a bit differently vs single items, so we’re ensuring it gets an array to look at.