Pulling out a specific ProxyAddress from a user and export to CSV

Hello all! We have hundreds of users with a proxyaddress we are going to remove. I can export all users with all proxyaddresses without a problem. My question is how do export just the specific proxyaddress to csv? Some users have over 10 total proxyaddresses. This is the current script I am running to pull the proxyaddresses.

Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase 'OU=ABC,DC=com' -Properties ProxyAddresses | Select Name, @{L='ProxyAddress_1';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[0]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_2';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[1]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_3';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[2]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_4';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[3]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_5';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[4]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_6';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[5]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_7';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[6]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_8';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[7]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_9';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[8]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_10';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[9]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_11';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[10]}},@{L='ProxyAddress_12';E={$_.ProxyAddresses[11]}} | Export-Csv -Path C:\Temp\AtwaterProxy_2.csv -NoTypeInformation

I am not clear here, are you just wanting to export the addresses or get a list of the users who have that specific proxy address?

I think what you want is right here in this well written article.

Exporting multivalued attributes with Export-CSV cmdlet