psreadline module kills tab-completion in pssessions

I used to have the psreadline module import automatically in my psprofile. However, when connected to a pssession, cmdlets will not tab-complete. I would have to type the entire cmdlet. Tab-completion still works when not connected to a pssession. I have since taken the psreadline out of my imported modules, but there are some things I really like about it and would like to use it. Has anyone experienced this issue and discovered a fix?

Experienced, yes; fixed, no. I tend to not use Enter-PSSession, much, though. I tend to build commands or scripts and send them using Invoke-Command, so this doesn’t really impact me.

Feel free to report issues like this on github - I stand a better chance of seeing them that way.

This issue was actually reported on github: Bash style completion in remote PSSession · Issue #99 · PowerShell/PSReadLine · GitHub

It should be fixed in the latest build.