.Ps1 Script Wont Reset My Settings

This is script i made for reset all network settings, and want this to put on my all remote shops if any problem appears, maybe first let users do this and after restart we can do further if this dont solve the problem (also any idea what should i add or remove is appreciate).
But nothing happend when i run this, when i put it seperate in cmd its working. Where is mistake…
I notice that my static ip get unsigned and dont put it to automatic. Which of this command unsigned my ip? cant figure out. And is here some not neccesary command?

$var = 'netsh winsock reset catalog && netsh int ip reset reset.log && netsh advfirewall reset && netsh int ip reset && ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew && ipconfig /flushdns && ipconfig /registerdns && route /f && netcfg –d'

Start-Process -Verb RunAs cmd.exe -Args '/c', $var


Those commands will run in PowerShell as well. Try in an elevated PowerShell console. But put all commands in new line or use ‘;’ instead of ‘&&’