PS Script works in ISE not in Console. v3.0


I am new to PS,but have been trying to learn for sometime now.

I’ve made s script that would
1.On a new build server, take the important services and export them to c:\Services.txt.
2.Then keep this task that would run on the server (PS script in scheduled task) to check and verify and possibly try to restart it if found not running.

1.The script executes perfectly in ISE.( after re-opening multiple times, just to clear any cached vars )

  1. Script fails badly in Console. Tried STA mode also. ( after re-opening multiple times, just to clear any cached vars )

Script :


Write-Output "Checking Services .........."
Sleep 2
$Running =""
$Running = Get-Service |Where { $_.Status -eq "Running"} | Select-Object Name
Write-Output $Running | Out-File C:\Users\xxxxx\Scripts\services1.txt
$failed =""
$failed = Compare-Object (Get-Content  C:\Users\xxxxx\Scripts\services.txt) -DifferenceObject (Get-Content C:\Users\xxxxxx\Scripts\services1.txt) | where {$_.SideIndicator -eq "<="}| Select-Object InputObject -ExpandProperty InputObject

If($failed.length -ne "0")
    foreach($fail in $failed)
        Write-Output "Service failed : $fail : Attempting to restart!!"
        Start-Service -Name $fail -Verbose
        sleep 2
        Get-Service -Name $fail

    Write-Output "Services are running as designed"

sleep 1

Console Output

" .\AutoServiceBot.ps1
Checking Services …
Service failed : Name : Attempting to restart!!
Start-Service : Cannot find any service with service name "Name".
At C:\Users\xxxxx\Scripts\AutoServiceBot.ps1:26 char:9

  •     Start-Service -Name $fail -Verbose
  •     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (Name:String) [Start-Service], ServiceCommandException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : NoServiceFoundForGivenName,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.StartServiceCommand


ExpandProperty has to be removing the below from output so that it could be compared.(please let me know if i were to be wrong anywhere)



Any help would be higly appreciated.


You are absolutely correct.

I assume that the file services.txt which is your list of servers that should be running does not contain either “Name” nor “----”

Change the row:
$Running = Get-Service |Where { $_.Status -eq “Running”} | Select-Object Name

to this:
$Running = Get-Service |Where { $_.Status -eq “Running”} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name

And your services1.txt will only contains servernames.

Thank you Simon, that really helped, and one more issue that i noticed was,

1.The initial services.txt had space after the service names, which returned incorrect output to $failed when compared.

My whole idea was to automate some part of maintenance works for service alerts.
Of course I have to modify the script in many more ways…

… any ideas/guidance in real time auto-‘fix’-mation :slight_smile: from your end? :slight_smile:

Thank you once again…