PS in Server Manager 2012

Please pardon my noobness. I want to know if I can run a PS script against several selected servers in Server Manager 2012. So for instance, I want to get the BIOS version on 50 servers that I have selected whether individually or an entire role group. I’d like to place a shortcut to the script as a menu item on the “Tools” menu then after selecting several servers click the script on the menu and have it run against those servers. I hope I have made this clear as mud?

There’s no built-in graphical user interface for running a script against selected computers. You can do it, but you’d need to write the script or commands yourself, likely using Invoke-Command. Server Manager doesn’t currently do anything like this directly, although it might be possible to hack something together.

That’s kinda what i thought, but I didn’t know if by selecting the servers if they were/or could be placed into an array to run against.

Thank you sir.


Fred Moore

Although this may not be exactly what you were looking for, I wrote a blog article based on your question that will accomplish the task in a round about way:

Creating a Simplistic GUI Interface with Out-GridView: