PS DSC and DevOps in Microsoft Azure session Narayanan Lakshmanan

This is a question to Narayanan Lakshmanan and Hemant Mahawar regarding their session “PowerShell Desired State Configuration and DevOps in Microsoft Azure” in Teched 2014. They mentioned that the samples used during the demo will be available in this site, I tried to search in different ways but was not successful to find them. Can you please let me know the URL for downbloading them? I searched MDN blogs to reach to them but it seems that it is not possible to
Thanks in advance

There’s a link to download the slides on this site:

Thanks Dave, I have already downloaded the slides and the video but I am looking for the sample code (powershell files) used during the session, they mentioned that it will be available on

Ah, ok. I don’t know if they’re monitoring this forum, but I’ll pass along an email.

I’ve emailed them. Neither of them monitors this site, but if I hear something I’ll post it.

So many thanks, appreciate your help

Hi, any feedback? Thanks

Hi Don, any news?

I’ll post if I get any. They’re busy guys, though, and are prepping for Ignite. I wouldn’t expect anything soonish.

Looks they have uploaded some demo’s. Not sure if this will have the content you are looking for.

I watched the video and downloaded the contents, the contents are not related to what I am looking for andeven I left a comment for Narayanan
Thanks for the alert