PS 7.1 (or .Net Core?) fails on -TitleBackground Color param of Export-Excel

I have a PS 5.1 script which still works very well to this day. But when I run it on PS 7.1, this portion of the script:

# Warning: the first 3 lines of this 4-lint "Export-Excel" cmdlet
# has the PowerShell back-tick" which may not be visible.
Export-Excel -path $Newfile -Title $CellA1 -Titlesize 13 `
-TitleFillPattern Solid -TitleBackgroundColor 10092543 `
-Autosize -FreezePane 3,2 -FreezeFirstColumn `
-Numberformat '##,###.00' -ExcludeProperty ID
fails with the following error message:

Export-Excel: C:\Users\xxt35\Documents\PowerShell\V2P May-19 (0700)\PP13 - Yearly summary.ps1:293:64
Line |
293 | … -TitleFillPattern Solid -TitleBackgroundColor 10092543 `
| ~~~~~~~~
| Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'TitleBackgroundColor'. Cannot convert the
| "10092543" value of type "System.Int32" to type "System.Drawing.Color".

The integer 10092543 which follows ‘-TitleBackgroundColor’ is the value / setting for this parameter. It is supposed to set the color background for a specific cell to light blue (Aqua blue?).

Would be grateful if anyone knows if there’s a fix to this. Any advice, tips or workarounds will be highly appreciated. Many thanks.



Are you using this?

Hello Mr. Maurer,

Many thanks for your quick response. Yes, I installed that version of ImportExcel.


Hello Ramon,

In the latest version of ImportExcel module there this check:

if($TitleBackgroundColor -is [string]){

So when you will specify color as string it should work.

Also color code 10092543 (Aqua Blue) is decimal not int, so another option would be to explicitly convert it to decimal and then pass to Export-Excel function.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much Mr. AndySvints. I tried several fixes, e.g.:

(1) Export-Excel (details skipped) … -TitleBackgroundColor ‘10092543’

(2) Export-Excel (details skipped) , -TitlebackgroundColor $t

where [System.Drawing.Color]$t = ‘10092543’

and a few others miore or less in the same vein (out of desperation), and they all failed. It seems that even a [string] type is not considered valid by Export-Excel in PS 7. But in PS 5.1 just

Export-Excel  .... -TitleBackgroundColor 10092543

works fine.