Proxy configuration options for Get-WmiObject

Hello Everyone,
Proxy client is configured on some of client computers and we can work around it by using -ProxyAccessType NoProxyServer parameter in New-PSSessionOption or -ProxyType None in New-CimSessionOption.
Is there a workaround for Get-WmiObject?
We are getting “The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)” error.

Honestly, the best advice would be to read the Powershell Help for Get-WmiObject. It will provide you with all of the parameters that are available for the command, along with examples. This is not to blow you off, but to provide a tip that will benefit you. I’m sure others will agree, the Help is most instrumental in one’s continuous growth in Powershell. It’s my first go to if I need to find a command to use in a situation or different ways to use it.

There’s no workaround, no. Get-WmiObject is a deprecated command that uses DCOM (RPC protocol), which doesn’t support proxying. The newer CIM commands, because they’re using WS-MAN which is based on HTTP, do indeed support proxying.

Hello Richard, thanks for your input. Yes, reading help is a step #1 on my list.
Don, thanks for taking me out of Get-WmiObject weeds. Not sure why I did not think of that. new-cimsessionoption does indeed have what I need.