Problem with Get-Service

i have created a function like below:
function Get-SQLServices

    # Param1 help description
    [string[]]$ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME

Get-Service -ComputerName $ComputerName | where {$ -like '*MSOLAP*' -or 
                                            $ -like '*MSSQL*' -or 
                                            $ -like '*SQLAgent*' -or 
                                            $ -like '*ReportServer*' -or 
                                            $ -like '*SQLBrowser*' -or 
                                            $ -like '*SQLPBENGINE*' -or
                                            $ -like '*SQLPBDMS*' -or
                                            $ -like '*MsDtsServer*' -or
                                            $ -like '*MSSQLLaunchpad*' -or
                                            $ -like '*SQLSERVERAGENT*' -and 
                                            $ -notlike '*MSSQLFDLauncher*'
                                            } | Select status, Name, DisplayName, MachineName ,DependentServices,ServicesDependedOn


and when i try to use below command i get error although the service exists:
Get-SQLServices -ComputerName myserver| where {$ -eq ‘MSOLAP$DVLP2014’} |Restart-Service
Restart-Service : Cannot find any service with service name ‘MSOLAP$DVLP2014’.
At line:1 char:86

  • … AP$DVLP2014’} |Restart-Service
  •                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (MSOLAP$DVLP2014:String) [Restart-Service], ServiceCommandException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : NoServiceFoundForGivenName,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.RestartServiceCommand

Looks like you are get a list of service from a remote computername, but you are try to restart a service on your local computer.

No, i am sending the result through the pipe-line.
it works fine if i write it like
Get-Service sql -computername myserver | Restart-Service

In your function the last thing you are doing is a select-object

 | Select status, Name, DisplayName, MachineName ,DependentServices,ServicesDependedOn

The result of this is a PSCustomObject being passed to the pipeline.

When you pipe that into Restart-Service it fails because it only accepts 2 variations of pipeline input.



Specifies ServiceController objects that represent the services to restart. Enter a variable that contains the objects, or type a command or expression that gets the objects.

Type: ServiceController[]
Parameter Sets: InputObject

Required: True
Position: 0
Default value: None
Accept pipeline input: True (ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters: False



Specifies the service names of the services to restart.

Type: String[]
Parameter Sets: Default
Aliases: ServiceName

Required: True
Position: 0
Default value: None
Accept pipeline input: True (ByPropertyName, ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters: False

As you see the -InputObject requires a “ServiceController” object, and -Name requires a String. You are passing neither a string or a ServiceController object.

If you removed the select-object at the end of your function, it would probably work just fine.

Thanks for your reply. but the point is i need to use that select.
how can i fix it by using select!

and when i do Get-Member:

Get-SQLServices | gm 

it returns TypeName: Selected.System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController not PSCustomObject

Ok it’s not a PSCustomObject, but it’s still not a System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController, it’s a Selected.System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController, which is different and not what Restart-Service is expecting.

   TypeName: Selected.System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController

Name                MemberType   Definition                                                                                            
----                ----------   ----------                                                                                            
Equals              Method       bool Equals(System.Object obj)                                                                        
GetHashCode         Method       int GetHashCode()                                                                                     
GetType             Method       type GetType()                                                                                        
ToString            Method       string ToString()                                                                                     
CanPauseAndContinue NoteProperty System.Boolean CanPauseAndContinue=True                                                               
CanShutdown         NoteProperty System.Boolean CanShutdown=True                                                                       
CanStop             NoteProperty System.Boolean CanStop=True                                                                           
Container           NoteProperty  Container=null                                                                                       
DependentServices   NoteProperty System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[] DependentServices=System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[] 
DisplayName         NoteProperty System.String DisplayName=SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)                                                    
MachineName         NoteProperty System.String MachineName=server                                                                      
Name                NoteProperty System.String Name=MSSQLSERVER                                                                        
RequiredServices    NoteProperty System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[] RequiredServices=System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[]  
ServiceHandle       NoteProperty SafeServiceHandle ServiceHandle=SafeServiceHandle                                                     
ServiceName         NoteProperty System.String ServiceName=MSSQLSERVER                                                                 
ServicesDependedOn  NoteProperty System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[] ServicesDependedOn=System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[]
ServiceType         NoteProperty System.ServiceProcess.ServiceType ServiceType=Win32OwnProcess                                         
Site                NoteProperty  Site=null                                                                                            
Status              NoteProperty System.ServiceProcess.ServiceControllerStatus Status=Running                                          

   TypeName: System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController

Name                      MemberType    Definition                                                                                                                  
----                      ----------    ----------                                                                                                                  
Name                      AliasProperty Name = ServiceName                                                                                                          
RequiredServices          AliasProperty RequiredServices = ServicesDependedOn                                                                                       
Disposed                  Event         System.EventHandler Disposed(System.Object, System.EventArgs)                                                               
Close                     Method        void Close()                                                                                                                
Continue                  Method        void Continue()                                                                                                             
CreateObjRef              Method        System.Runtime.Remoting.ObjRef CreateObjRef(type requestedType)                                                             
Dispose                   Method        void Dispose(), void IDisposable.Dispose()                                                                                  
Equals                    Method        bool Equals(System.Object obj)                                                                                              
ExecuteCommand            Method        void ExecuteCommand(int command)                                                                                            
GetHashCode               Method        int GetHashCode()                                                                                                           
GetLifetimeService        Method        System.Object GetLifetimeService()                                                                                          
GetType                   Method        type GetType()                                                                                                              
InitializeLifetimeService Method        System.Object InitializeLifetimeService()                                                                                   
Pause                     Method        void Pause()                                                                                                                
Refresh                   Method        void Refresh()                                                                                                              
Start                     Method        void Start(), void Start(string[] args)                                                                                     
Stop                      Method        void Stop()                                                                                                                 
WaitForStatus             Method        void WaitForStatus(System.ServiceProcess.ServiceControllerStatus desiredStatus), void WaitForStatus(System.ServiceProcess...
CanPauseAndContinue       Property      bool CanPauseAndContinue {get;}                                                                                             
CanShutdown               Property      bool CanShutdown {get;}                                                                                                     
CanStop                   Property      bool CanStop {get;}                                                                                                         
Container                 Property      System.ComponentModel.IContainer Container {get;}                                                                           
DependentServices         Property      System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[] DependentServices {get;}                                                          
DisplayName               Property      string DisplayName {get;set;}                                                                                               
MachineName               Property      string MachineName {get;set;}                                                                                               
ServiceHandle             Property      System.Runtime.InteropServices.SafeHandle ServiceHandle {get;}                                                              
ServiceName               Property      string ServiceName {get;set;}                                                                                               
ServicesDependedOn        Property      System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController[] ServicesDependedOn {get;}                                                         
ServiceType               Property      System.ServiceProcess.ServiceType ServiceType {get;}                                                                        
Site                      Property      System.ComponentModel.ISite Site {get;set;}                                                                                 
Status                    Property      System.ServiceProcess.ServiceControllerStatus Status {get;}                                                                 
ToString                  ScriptMethod  System.Object ToString();                                      

Can you not just do your select, for whatever reason you need it, after the function returns?

$services = Get-SQLServices -ComputerName server
$services | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq 'MSOLAP$DVLP2014'} | Restart-Service
$services | Select status, Name, DisplayName, MachineName ,DependentServices,ServicesDependedOn


Get-SQLServices -ComputerName server |
Where-Object {$_.Name -eq 'MSOLAP$DVLP2014'} |
ForEach-Object {
    $_ | Restart-Service
    $_ | Select status, Name, DisplayName, MachineName ,DependentServices,ServicesDependedOn

You probably need to wrap your Restart-Service in a Invoke-Command:

Invoke-Command {Restart-Service $_ } –ComputerName $ComputerName