Printer Mapping Logon Script

So this has been an issue since We’ve moved our environment to Windows 10. Print Mapping will not work… sometimes (very inconsistent maybe 1 5-10% of users). So here’s how I currently add printers “Add-Printer -ConnectionName \\156H_W01”. And I get the error “Add-Printer : One or more specified parameters for this operation has an invalid value. At \dc-1\NETLOGON\NEW_logonscript\Layer3-Affects_Each_Building\PHS.psm1:4 char:5”. Now I know that that operation does have a valid value as running it separate or even logging off and back on again will resolve it without an error.

Some more information for you: I have added printers with con2prt and I get the same inconsistent issues except with the error “con2prt Failed to connect to Windows NT printer Please check to see that the printer exists.” Ive also done “(New-Object -Com Wscript.Network).AddWindowsPrinterConnection(\\156H_W01)” with the same issues but no error message. So I’m lost, has anyone had an issue like this?

PS: Group Policy is probably what many of you are thinking, however we have hundreds of printers in our environment 1 to 1 basis + plotters, work-group printers, ect. and the staff move around to other workstations so just mapping there computer number to the printer number is way easier to administrate.

Have you reviewed the eventlog on the print server? If you have three different methods all producing errors when connecting to the print server, I’d start there and see if it can give you any clues to root cause. Are the same users having issues or is it sporatic?