Powershell version 5's integraion with Excel

Hello Powershell gurus
I am using powershell to create an excel worksheet and work wiith it. I will need to make report, which has a table and I require formatting the column headers etc. I have researched on internet, specifically the article :

The problem with this is that border creation seems to be a very cumbersome process. While the powershell team has created out-html to print out reports very efficiently and conviniently, is the data output to excel been taken care of in powershell v5, or in any version?
I would prefer a way to easily create a visually appealing table in an excel spreadsheet.
Please share the code if possible.


I don’t think it does borders yet but have a look at Doug Finke’s Excel module. It makes getting data into and out of Excel very easy.

Introducing the PowerShell Excel Module

Thanks for pointing in the right direction Matt. I will take a look if this module solves my purpose.