Powershell to run on a specific DB instance

by chowdhury123 at 2013-03-12 15:54:17

Hello All
I have a powershell script that is working in the test environment which has only one SQL Server instance.
Now when I go to another environment, which has multiple instance, how to I make sure it runs on a particular DB instance?
I tried with
powershell.exe FileName.PS1 -Instance:"InstanceName"
with no luck.
Searched the web, but could not find the solution.
Can anyone please help?
Thanks in advance.
by Klaas at 2013-03-13 01:11:40
Powershell does not run in a SQL instance, but it can connect to instances.
What you need to do depends on the cmdlets you use.
You can use Invoke-SQLcmd, navigate through the sql provider and other things. Usually you add the instancename to the host name, like SQLServername\Instancename, but again, it depends.
Can you post the script?