Powershell to display Custom Progress bar...

Hello Folks,

I’m not sure whether my query suits this group, If yes, I’m happy I have landed in the right place.

We recently started working with .net forms and we ended playing with progress bar. Yeah!, Windows PowerShell progress bar should have been handy, however when we are jumping out of the world and trying to hand few things to others with a custom progress bar instead console progress bar.

We had a complication at this moment, we don’t know how to perform this task. To our knowledge both progress bar works in the same way as we feed them inputs.

Is there a way to monitor the progress of a MSI installer \ Application and feed progress information to the progress bar which should help to display the current status of the installation.

Sorry if my query is lacking clarity.


“Is there a way to monitor the progress of an MSI installer or application?”

Not with an MSI, no. With an application, only if the application itself exposes some kind of progress information. There’s no way for a separate process like PowerShell to “look inside” another application to see what it is doing.

That’s what I thought! Thanks much for your reply :slight_smile: