Powershell Studio | Connect a ComboBox to single Column Table in MSSQL

Hi, can anyone perhaps assist me, im using Powershell Studio from Sapien Technologies and am trying to connect a ComboBox drop down to a Single column MSSQL Table. I have no problem querying the table using Invoke-Sqlcmd with and out-string to console.

I just cannot connect a ComboBox to populate with the table data for selection.

#Example :

ComboBox = Select Country

SQL Table = “Countries” Single data Column with an ID Column for each country.

When i run the script the Windows Form App opens and then ComboBox awaits select country to return string “Welcome to $Country”

I cant get the ComboBox to populate with the countries from the SQL Table called “Countries”

#End Example

Can anyone assist pls?

If you are able to query the table, store the output into an array.

When you drag and drop a combobox item, it creates a function in the form called update-combobox

Use that function to populate the combobox


Update-ComboBox -ComboBox $nameofcomboBox -Items $arrayCountry