Powershell - string replacement using regex

Hi All,
I need help in powershell string replacement using regex.

I need to replace a decimal value after a specific string pattern with a new decimal value stored in a variable. Like, in the entire string, I need to replace all occurrences of ‘Version=xxx’ to ‘Version=$NewValue’. I tried the following but it didn’t work.

$New = $Orig.Replace(‘Version=(\d{1,3})’, ‘Version=$NewValue’)

$New = $Orig.Replace(‘Version=(\d*)’, ‘Version=$NewValue’)

Anyone has any suggestions?


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Instead of dot Net methods I’d recommend to use PowerShell operators. In this particular case the dot Net method .Replace() does not use regex. :wink:

This should do the trick:

$New = $Orig -replace '(?<=Version=)\d{1,3}', $NewValue

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Thanks in advance

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