PowerShell script to enable multi-app kiosk


I have done a PowerShell script that enables a multi-app kiosk with the help of a provisioning package, it works fine.

But now I’m looking for something to be able to set and use variables inside the kiosk XML configuration.

I would like to create shortcut with some parameters that is getting it’s data from variables. For example,

DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Main server.lnk /v:$Server /f /multimon"

I want to be able to set the $Server to different value depending on the computer I’m installing the kiosk mode on.

Because now I must change the XML file and create a new provisioning package.

So is it possible to have the XML configuration inside the Powershell script and push the settings to Windows Assigned Access (kiosk), like the provisioning package does?


Should be possible, but having a look at your script will be easier for folks trying to help you out. Better if you can share a sample code.
its important to know how the xml is consumed in the script.

I solved it, the problem was that the script needed to be run as “SYSTEM”, so with the help of psExec it worked fine.