Powershell Script to download all OneDrive files from Cloud to HDD?

Hi Folks,

I’m brand new to using PowerShell. I need a fast and simple method (script) to quickly download all of my OneDrive files and folders to a local hard drive on a PC that does not have OneDrive installed. Doing so using the https://onedrive.live.com/ is painfully slow and limited to selecting only 100 GB at a time. I have 850+GB of files and folders that I need to download to a PC not running OneDrive. I found some PowerShell code at this website, but I’m not sure if this would do the job or not. How to Download All Files from OneDrive for Business? - SharePoint Diary. Thanks in advance for any and all help provided.


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If you have questions or problems with code you’ve found online you should contact the author first. She or he should be the one most familiar with the code. :wink: