PowerShell script template

Does anyone know a good PS template that can be used as a starting point for new PowerShell scripts

Hi Z44,

I wouldn’t really imagine there is such a thing? Powershell scripts are made to order, once they are created they stay that way and are mostly turned into autonomous pieces of code, tweaked here and there to suit requirements.

Do you have an idea on what you want the powershell script to do?

Like Chris said, I don’t think a PS template is practical, maybe a very simple one including generic Inline Help and an empty function could be it, but that could be done with a quick copy-paste.

In PowerShell ISE hit Ctrl+J and you get a list of snippets. That’s a good starting point to start creating basic and advanced functions or to create Workflows.
Here’s a good article by the scripting guy.
Powershell Snippets

Hope this helps.

thanks , it is helpful