Powershell Script for give full permissions to Shared folder for 50+ users at a

Hi Team,

I have tried to create script for as subject, but i didn’t success on that.

could you please help me on this. How to automate below process with Powershell.

OS: Windows server 2012 R2

  1. Open ‘Compmgmt.msc’ in RUN
  2. Go to ‘Shared Folder-> Shares ->err’ properties
  3. Go to tab ‘Share Permissions’ and click on ‘ADD’ button.
    FYI: Computer is in domain for example xyz.com
  4. Now I am trying to full rights to ‘ramesherr’ user as below
    Check name - > click ‘OK’ -> give full rights -> click on ‘Apply’ and click ‘OK’
  5. Next go to tab ‘Security’ and click on ‘Edit’ button.
  6. Click on add button, trying to full rights to ‘ramesherr’ user as below.
    Check name - > click ‘OK’ -> give full rights -> click on ‘Apply’ and click ‘OK’
  7. Cick ok and ok .

For Screenshots please refer below link in word format.

Thanks in advance

I’d like to introduce you to the concept of a Group. :wink: The usual practice is to grant permission to resources using groups, and just add users to the appropriate groups. If you go around granting access to individual users, it makes it a giant headache to figure out who has access to what (auditing), or to add a new user who has the same permissions as an existing account.

Agree strongly with Dave. You’re creating an administrative nightmare when you try to maintain per-user permissions.