PowerShell - REST from git BitBucket -How to retrieve all subfolders and files?

I am really struggling with this for more than 7 days and could not find solution anywhere… I

I have powershell script where I can successfully retrieve the file from the BitBucket repo on my local machine. This works perfectly fine for my one file. Instead of curl, I am using Invoke-WebRequest like suggested on internet.

$DOWNLOAD_PATH = "C:\bitbucket\"

$uri = "https://bitbucket.org.dev/projects/TEST/repos/fa/browse/Packages/test1.txt"
Invoke-WebRequest -Headers @{Authorization=$("Basic {0}" -f $API_KEY)} -Uri $uri -OutFile $DOWNLOAD_PATH\test1.txt

But my folder Packages contains more files (unknown number in advance) and it contains subfolders which have inside it even more files. I would not like to hardcode all the files and subfolders within it but I really could not find how should I write powershell script which will store all the Packages subfolders, files in those subfolders and files from Packges folder itself (like in the example).

I need to run this through the PowerShell script and to store on my local drive all the files and folders from that path. I cannot use “git clone …” and etc.

But I really must retrieve all sub-folders and files dynamically from this path

$uri = "https://bitbucket.org.dev/projects/TEST/repos/fa/browse/Packages"

Please help.

Thank you in advance

Why can’t you git clone? Perhaps you should be looking at the API documentation? You’re going to have to retrieve the list of files/folders before you can download them. I’d start here