Powershell Remoting

I have just recently enabled powershell remoting to a terminal server cluster from my office workstation that resides on a separate domain than the terminal servers.

I have the necessary settings where I have the IP address of said servers included within my workstation Trusted Hosts list and enabled PS remoting on the terminal servers.

My boss is concerned about security so I would like to restrict PS remoting to these servers where it will only accept connection from my office workstation.

I have added the IP address of my workstation to the Trusted Hosts file on the servers, however that doesn’t seem to be the correct method since I can still connect from another machine.

I have done research and can’t find anything conclusive on how to accomplish this.

Is this possible?

I am running PS 5 on my workstation. Servers are running PS 2 I believe.

I may have found my answer…

Powershell Remoting

"To setup the listener, the Enable Automatic Configuration of Listeners setting can be configured at Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Remote Management (WinRM)\WinRM Service. An IP can be specified for systems that have multiple IP addresses assigned, or asterisks can be used to listen to all addresses."

I am wondering if there is a command line equivalent.

On command prompt you could take a look at the winrm command.

For PowerShell there’s a whole line of equivalents to get the job done. To see them:

Get-Command -Module microsoft.wsman.management