Powershell progress in PS2EXE with close button?

I have made a small gui program in Powershell Studio. If I use the .ps1 file in powershell it does show the “Write-Progress -Activity” in the background and when I close the program it does this as well.

BUT…when compiling it with PS2EXE it does give this neat thingie. But the X-button has dissapeared and to close I have to press ctrl+f4.

Write-Progress -Activity “Replacing Words” -CurrentOperation “Ersätter $($find) med $($replace)” -Status “Processing $($ord.IndexOf($_) + 1) of $($ord.Length)”

01. Is there a way to make it close the progress window when its done automaticly?
02. Is it possible to add the X-button at the top or a “ok”-button to easy quit?

Stupid me:

  1. Write-Progress -Activity “Klar…” -Completed

But I do want the X-button in the corner.