Powershell O365

Good morning all,

I am reaching out to see if anyone could assist me as my PowerShell knowledge is very limited. I am very new to PowerShell and unfortunately don’t know If I myself can pull off what I am trying to achieve, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I work in a office environment and when people leave we need to

  • Disable O365 account
  • Remove all group memberships
  • Hide from Global Address Book
  • Prepend “Leaver 2022 -” at the start of the users name (Example: Leaver 2022 - John Smith)

As we manage multiple other office tenants, I am essentially looking to see if we can make a PowerShell script that will authenticate with admin credentials, then request for a variable users email and BOOM! It may be a complete shot in the dark and not even possible but any advice would be great.

I can get my head around basic PowerShell and have managed to come up with a structure.

# Script to connect to Exchange Online / M365, automate the leaver process.


# Import Modules
Install-Module MSOnline
Install-Module AzureAD

# Connect to Exchange

# Choice to list all users or Read-Host

# Read Host for UserPrincipalName

# Are you sure?

# Use the variable from Read-Host and perform actions against user account

# Action 1

# Action 2

# Action 3

# Action 4

# Are you finished? Perform against another account?
# Add this functionality later

# Close session / connection if finished

Many thanks in advance for any help with this at all!