Powershell MTP Connections

HI guys

I`m having trouble copying the files from an android phone to the local pc by using the following script found on:

I`m not sure how to add the following to the main script or if it must be created separately:

$des = ‘D:\DICM’
$phone = Get-ChildShellItem | where { $.name -eq ‘a820t’ }
Get-ChildShellItem -Path “$($phone.Path)\Internal Storage\DCIM” -Filter ‘(.jpg)|(.3gp)$’ | foreach {
$datestr = $
$datestr = ([datetime]$datestr).ToString(‘yyyy-MM-dd’)

$dir = Join-Path $des $datestr
if( -not (Test-Path $dir) ) {
mkdir $dir


Copy-ShellItem -Path $_ -Destination $dir


Move-ShellItem -Path $_ -Destination $dir


Can somebody just point me in the right direction as i havent seen anybody else able to copy files from an Android phone to the local Computer using Powershell.

Does the Android phone appear as a drive in Windows? Or a UNC? I mean, could you do this copy using File Explorer?

Hi Don

No the Android Device does not appear as a drive in windows explorer, it appears as a Portable Media Device.