PowerShell iTextSharp unethicalreading


I have a PowerShell script that converts pdf together based on the file name. A number of these have failed due to the following error:

PdfReader not opened with owner password

I have seen posts relating to c# scripts which suggest setting unethicalreading to True. I have also seen post relating to legal issues doing this - is it ok to do this? If so, how can you do this in PowerShell? C# can be done using:


but I can find unethicalreading using PowerShell.

Many thanks

In PowerShell it would look like this:

[iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfReader]::unethicalreading = $true

As for legal issues, no idea, but if they really wanted to password-protect a PDF file, it would be encrypted, and that “unethicalreading” option wouldn’t exist.