Powershell Issues on 2012 Windows Server?

I use a vbs script that calls an Powershell Gui script, which then displays a gui and we can begin a process. This works on 2008 servers, but we are not testing in a 2012 server and I am not able to get the vbscript to open the powershell gui. Is there a known issue with poweshell in 2012 or would this be an issue with the vbscript?

Wow. VBScript calling a PowerShell GUI.

I don’t know about a “known issue.” There are certainly no “known problems.” And I couldn’t tell you about problems with VBScript on 2012 because I quite honestly have never run VBScript files on 2012 :).

What DOES happen? Nothing? An error message? Can you manually ru n the PowerShell script as a test?

I figured it out, the exucution policy is set to restricted by default in server 2012, so I have requested to have it set to Unrestricted.