Powershell Help Document

Hi All,
This question is more of a documentation query than a PS query. I recently automated and completed and end to end task using powershell for a Customer. The Task basically monitors various folders for new files if triggered then tests, renames, and moves the files for importation to the Enterprise ERP system. Everything is working perfect the way i want. In-fact i was even able to convert the folder monitoring bit to a windows service thanks to Powershell Studio 2017 :).

My Question is, I want to document everything and make it easy for the end users of the module. I have comment based help and used advance functions in all the modules(Thanks to the wonderful books by Don & Jeff). However i would still like to create a word document that shows the process and execution flow and all prerequisites settings required.

was wondering if anyone knows of any good documentation or sample docs which i could get an idea from.



Just follow the pattern shows on the MS PowerShell docs site.

Specifically the reference section.


This site even offer free eBooks you can leverage for style and format.

Write tech guides, help guides even books are not a finite science. It’s an art form and a mission of ensuring you are writing not just from your point of view but from the point of view of the reader/consumer.

There is not single email, document, paper, book, novel, movie script ever written that does not have many issues and glaring mistakes / omissions / inconsistencies. You have to pick your comfort level, write what you this is prudent and have others review it for clarity and consistency. That is why editors and reviewers exist. 8^}

Thanks for the reply. Will have a look