PowerShell function


I am new to PowerShell and learning bit by bits.

I need your sample written script please (No Chatgpt code please) as I want get to know the style of your writing and compare to mine.

I want to use PowerShell functions to :
Get the list of all servers on the domain
Top 10 processes used by CPU and Memory on each server.
For each server get the list of Volumes (Including free & used capacity)

Best Regards,

Hi there,

Welcome. This forum isn’t for writing/authoring scripts for others, even for comparison or one liners. There’s tons of resources online and even this forum that can get you started. Most of what you mentioned can be accomplished with a line or two of code. This sounds suspiciously like an attempt to get others to write code for you. I apologize if that’s not the case but that is how it sounds.

Instead, write some code yourself to accomplish what you want and if you’re having issues, or want to know how to tackle an issue you are having, create a post, and share the code. Then explain what you’re trying to accomplish.

I will be closing this topic as the request is out of scope.