Powershell expiry date comparison

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I am running a script that gives me Azure AD apps with its secret end date property. The property name which gives me all details in Azure AD is “PasswordCredentials” and I am using get-azureadapplication cmdlet.

What is the best way to check If the app has end date value within a month and filter on it, I tried where-object with get-date.adddays(30) and tried to compare with -lt operators.

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To which property did your where clause try to filter against? You should post the code you tried, regardless of if it worked. That gives us a better starting point.

Thanks for the reply, I am trying to use the below-mentioned script to fetch expiry date for secret key although I would like to see If I can get only those application’s secrets which is getting expired within a month.


I got it working but not sure If this is the best way as I am still learning PowerShell


Get-AzureADApplication -all $true | where {$.passwordcredentials.enddate -notlike “” -and $.passwordcredentials.enddate -LE ((get-date).AddDays(30))} | select @{Name=”DisplayName”; Expression={$.displayname}}, @{Name=”EndDate”; Expression={$.passwordcredentials.enddate}}